Michigan Central Station, Detroit Michigan USA

Michigan Central Station, Detroit Michigan USA

A perfect example of Urban Decay in America known as Michigan Central Station; A.K.A. Detroit’s abandoned train station.  Michigan Central Station once was a thriving epicenter for the city of Detroit and the whole Midwest. Now the abandoned train station sits with most of it’s windows broken.

The architecture of the building is beautiful and definitely deserves to be saved.

As you can see from the photos- Restoration would be quite a task. Most of the interior has fallen victim to ‘urban miners’ who break in to steal any stone accents, wire and even copper tubing and bricks to sell as scrap.  The removal of these materials causes extensive damage throughout, resulting in the interior being completely destroyed.  Urban guerrilla artists have taken advantage of the vacant wall space.

I highly recommend a stop for a Leelanau Beer at Slow’s BAR BQ as part of your next sightseeing trip to Detroit’s abandoned train station.

In the late 90’s, I fell in love with Detroit for the third time in my life. (We are now on about our 5th go around.) Detroit’s urban decay was very interesting to me and I felt like with the direction that our economy was heading that there was no way that the decrepit buildings would last very long.  Something about the decay of a man-made structure; especially one of great architectural prowess like Michigan Central Station,  decaying and decomposing is a fascinating ephemeral process.  A process that speaks volumes about the American psyce and destructive disposable way of life. Back in 1997, I was getting ready to graduate from High School and I had a Sony digital camera that wrote the files to a floppy disc.  Back in the day that camera was some serious James Bond tecnololgy.  I fondly remember waiting 15 seconds for the camera to write the files to the disc.  Pretty awesome back then, but our tecnololgy has made the floppy disc extinct.  It was with this camera that I first started taking pictures for SeeDetroit.com In that interest, already being well acquainted with the deep Northern Michigan swaps at night and high Kentucky cliff edges, it was a natural magnatism for me to be drawn inside these dangerous buildings to witness the evidence of broken society.  Back then too, I believed that most of these buildings would quickly turn into fast food restaurants and lofts so there was a sense of urgency involved with my documentation.  Detroit has no shortage of interesting historical buildings. Over the years, my interest ebbed back to the woods and to beer. SeeDetroit.com still gets a ton of visitors even though it hasn’t really been updated in a few years.  The revamp in 2011 will be to show the world that Detroit has got a lot more going on than just it’s facinating urban decay.

After a few years of being stingy with the photos on SeeDetroit.com, I decided to make them opensource and available to anyone so long they can call their use of the photos art. Help yourself to some imagery: http://www.seedetroit.com


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